Windmill Challenge

Windmill Challenge

Is a Remote Challenge (remote races series) Earn the 5’’ inches medal after complete 4 races in our races calendar or complete in one time (one transaction). You can run any time, any place, any state, any city, in your favorite place beach GYM another race, with friends, training time, etc. Please follow the social distancing 6’feet. Run Safe and prevent covid-19.

Event details and schedule – Race Rules

Complete Between 1-4 races (each race inside the event calendar) or buy the general price one transaction (get 5 medals)

Price: 79.99 Price for 5 medals Included Windmill 5” Inches

where: Any Place Any time

Who: All people all ages walkers are welcome.

When: From Sept 10th to January 31st 2021

Medal size: 5’’ inches

Medal SHIPPING After: October 30th

About other items: (Not t–shirts included)

This time, we have appointed a special medal for the new Windmill Challenge, one of our virtual races. The medal has a size of 5’’ inches and you can win one by accomplishing the following virtual races:

  • Halloween Pumpkin Run
  • Bee Safe
  • Turkey Trot
  • Santa Christmas Run
  • New year’s
  • Winter Race
  • Day of Dead
  • This medal will be delivered after complete the challenge
  • For all participants registered from August 20th  in any race
  • You just have to complete 1 out of 4 of the competitions already mentioned.
  • You can join the race by signing up individually, according to the virtual races schedule.
  • You can also sign up by only $79.99 This way you can get 5 medals, (run 1-4 races of them are not mandatory!) an extra medal Windmill 5’’ Inches.
  • You will be informed via e-mail about the shipping of the medals to your current postal address.
  • Remember, it is a virtual race. You can participate from anywhere according to your schedule.
  • The race distances you can choose are: 10K/ 5K/ 1K or Half Marathon or any distance where you like. (distances is optional for you).
  • If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to: or

Options and Packs:

Option A: Windmill Challenger (5” medals five items total – no t-shirts included). Halloween, Turkey Trot, Day of Dead Run, Christmas Run, Windmill Medal (no t-shirts apply)

Price: $79.99


Option B: Windmill Challenge Earn Free Windmill Medal 5’’ inches (one transaction) 13.1M /10k /5k /1k Virtual Challenge: Halloween, Turkey Trot, New Years, Christmas Run, Windmill Medal (not t-shirts apply)

Price $79.99


Option C: Windmill Challenge Earn Free Windmill Medal 5’’ inches (one transaction) 13.1M /10k /5k /1k Virtual Challenge: Halloween, Turkey Trot, X medal, Christmas Run, Windmill Medal (not t-shirts apply)

Price: $79.99


Option INTERNATIONAL (OUTSIDE USA):   Windmill Challenger (5 medals five items not t-shirts included): Halloween, Turkey Trot, New Years, Christmas Run, Windmill Medal (one transaction – no t-shirts included)

Price $ 179.99

Event details and schedule

Important info for You.

Bib numbers: emailed 5 business days after registration.

More info:


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No accept claims, not money back after registration.

Not t-shirts included in this race sorry!!!.

Refund Policy

Please note that Runners2life & Runinspirations reserves the right to reject any entry. We also adhere to the standard running industry policy: All entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. This is noted on our registration application and when you register for our events you must agree to this policy. You may not give or sell your number to another individual – doing so could result in your disqualification as well as the runner using your race number. The entry fee for this year’s event will NOT transfer to next year’s event, no exceptions. This policy stays in effect whether you are injured, have an unexpected business or family emergency, pregnancy, etc. There are NO exceptions.

Code of Conduct: Disputing Transactions Policy, Prevent Loss and Fraud Policy

After the registration: I have knowledge, I am prohibited and agree not to make a claims for repayment of money, returns of merchandise, refund in all kind. I promise to have a behavior of respect for other participants, organizers, attendees and all the people involved in the event.

In the case the participant make disputing transactions with her/his bank or financial organization after o before the participant receive tracking numbers or items (medal or t-shirt), with the services of the website like bib numbers, banners or any product with the current event, will be incurred in fraudulent transaction and robbery of merchandise. This action will be prosecute with the maximum legal amount and report to the police linked with the personal information has provided from the participant. Also this action will be take legal process citation by the court to repair the economic damages for that.