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THE TRIO: Freedom Race, Father’s Day Run, Memorial Race is   VIRTUAL RACE.

This is Challenge of Runners2life celebrating our first anniversary of foundation we give as a reward for their effort our athletes and the general public a Extra Medal meet the challenge THE TRIO, which is to participate in all 3 competitions we have in our schedule are the following competitions:

Freedom Race (July 4th)

Father’s Day Run ( June 21 to June 28)

Memorial Race (May 25th to July 4th)

Earn extra Medal for 3 Races = 4 Medals total.

Notice : Can register in one transaction o separately

How to participate: it is very simple can choose from the following distances 1k/5k /10k/13.1 (Half Marathon). You can do it according to your schedule as you feel, comfortable,free form pressure, according to your lifestyle.

Where: You can do it close to home, in a park near their community, district, on a treadmill, another race, anywhere.

Who: All ages are welcome. walkers welcome

Dates: From Memorial Race Weekend May 24  to the weekend of  Independence Day. July 5th.

Prices & Options:

THE TRIO: Freedom Race+ Father’s Day Run+Memorial Run =Earn Extra Medal =Get  4 Medals

PRICE: 69.99 (Any Distances 13.1/10k/5k/1k)


Freedom Race ONLY MEDAL: $25 ( Any Distances 13.1/10k/5k/1k)

Father’s Day Run ONLY MEDAL: $25 (Any Distances 13.1/10k/5k/1k)

MEMORIAL RACE ONLY MEDAL: $25 (Any Distances 13.1/10k/5k/1k)

Important Info for you

Shipping : 4 Medals After June 26.( One Pack contain 4 Medals, The Extra Medal Included)

Bibs : 3 bibs emailed 3 business days after registration.

if you NOT received your bib number in 7 days after registration. Please email us to:

Questions :

visit our website:

to submit your time please visit this link:

About your results & selfies : submit your photos :


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