The Summer Race Virtual Race & Challenge.

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It’s a virtual race and you can choose the place of your choice, you can walk, run, skip, workout at the gym, use the treadmill, participate in another race, that is where you feel comfortable.
Where : Everywhere!!!!! You own course, You choose, any city.
When :  November – December 2014
Who : Overall and all ages, including people in wheelchairs and disabled.Walkers are welcome!!
Price: $25
Promotional price = Double Down Register
Summer Race + Green Trails & Runs = 40 dolars
Packing & Shipping : 2 days after registration.


Earn a extra medal…

If you participate in our 4 races:

Summer Race
Green Trails & Runs
Halloween Pumpkin Run – October

The Turkey Trot – November


You win a extra medal rewarding its continuity and perseverance to practice this beautiful sport of running.

The first 300 registrants on four races  will become eligible for the 2014 medal.
For athletes who qualify medals will be mailed between November 5th and November 21th 2014

To register in advance for each of the 4 races. What can be done and will be automatically included in the list to receive his medal in November.

You may run ANY DISTANCE  in each of the four events to receive the medal.
Remember they are virtual racing and you can run in place you prefer, field, your city, walking, treadmill, gym. anywhere!!!!!



Registration is available on:

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