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About This Activity

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Important information

Competition rules:

You can run wherever you feel comfortable. This can be on an athletic track, beach, park with a friend, in a gym; you can also do it within the time you want. There is no need to travel far to start running. Remember that it is a remote competition and the advantage is that you can run near your home with a flexible schedule.


Who : All People All Ages

Where : Any place, Any Town, Any City.

When: 6/17/16 – 6/27/16 (Race Time for complete your own distance)


17.99 (Early Registration)

19.99 (Regular Price)

How does it work?

Run/Walk at any location you want. You can use the treadmill, run outside, your own course, another race, or get your running group together. You can run the event any day, any time, or any place you want

If you have the ability to run a half marathon, but you do not have a lot of preparation and just started to run, we suggest you to run the 1 kilometer (0.64 miles) race before. That is more or less between 8 minutes to 12 minutes.

There is a place where you can hang your time and photos.

Please visit our website:

Post your photos also to our facebook  page and facebook Group!


It is gratifying to us to know of your run experiences and we appreciate you can share your photos. You can also participate as “ the image of the month “ by downloading  your photo in our web site.

Event details and schedule

About awards: trophies will be awarded to the top ranking in the monthly average distances marathon, 10k, 5k, 1k.

Medals  Shipped: 15 Days after registration

T-Shirts Shipped : 15 Days after registration

The trophies will be sent via USPS 30 days after published results.

Questions :

If you have any question, please send us an email to:

Event details and schedule

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facebook page:

twiter: @runners2life

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