Halloween Pumpkin Run – Dark Trails

by / Viernes, 21 Agosto 2015 / Published in closed events


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Night Witches Pumpkins and runs in the week of the moon, horror fear and fright. We have designated a special edition ( 2 medals) In this edition. Three Crazy Pumpkins ,Owl Witch Hat medal .

Have 5 distances which are for both medals; Half Marathon/10k/5k/1k/.

Where: everywhere!!!! You own course,you choose,any city.

When: October 1st 2015, through November 7th 2015 (Race Time)

Who : Overall and all ages, including people in special disables, walkers are welcome.

Prices: $19.90  (Only T-shirt)

$25 (Only Medal)

$45 Double Down (3 medals)

$69.90  Trio (4 Medals)

$ 99.99 Challenge of Survivors (7 Medals)

Packing & shipping ; Week of November 10th .


visit us : https://www.facebook.com/Runners2lifeOfficial

more information: info@runners2life.com


visit us ; www.runners2life.com

Info about Challenge of Survivors please visit this link: www.runners2life.com/challenges/


Please see bellow the album to meet the medals.


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