Halloween Fun Run

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Halloween Fun Run is a Virtual Races Series: Virtual Race.





Virtual Racing is free choice. This means that through this site you can choose whatever you prefer. This can be at a park, beach, stadium, gym, another race, favorite place, treadmill, near your town. Also free feel to share your experiences unload photos or images of your run. You can run your own distance maybe Half Marathon/10k/5k/1k any time, any city, any state. Depend of your lifestyle.

About Halloween Fun Run Festival


Distances: 13.1M/10k/5k/1k feels free select your distance depends of your physical condition.


Submit your time: www.runners2life.com/submit-your-time


More info: please visit this link: www.runners2life.com/faq


You have the chance to win free the pumpkin medal.

We have the following options. Register in:


Option A: Apple Run Medal + Pumpkin Medal = $29.99 (get 2 medals – all distances)$29.99


Option B: Challenge Medal (Windmill) + Pumpkin Medal = $29.99 (Get 2 medals/all distances)


Option C: Cross Windy Medal + Pumpkin medal = $29.99


Option D: Race of Love Medal + Pumpkin medal = $29.99


Option E: (T-shirt + Apple Medal + Pumpkin Medal) = $39.90 (3 items)


Option F: Windmill Medal + Halloween t-shirt + Pumpkin Medal) = $ 39.90

Event details and schedule

Who: All people, all ages


When: October 16th to November 2nd


Where: Any place, any city, any state.


Important info for you:


Shipping Medals & T-shirts; week of November 2nd


Submit you time: www.runners2life.com/submit-your-time


Facebook: www.facebook.com/Runners2lifeOfficial


Facebook group Runners2life https://www.facebook.com/groups/1394538897435354/

Questions: race_director@runners2life.com


No claims, not money back after registration.