Frequently asked questions and answers


What does the challenge in Runners2life mean?

It means that you can participate in 2 or more runs in distances between 1k, 5k, 10k, 13.1k miles, on different dates according to the physical ability.

What can I get in the Challenge?

To improve your performance and physical health, to have a healthy life, to reach personal goals, it is about you, who can achieve the goal, only you! It is in your mind, and it is not impossible.

To win medals of our events and also some extra medals for your efforts

How many times and how many distances do I need to run?

It is only once. You do not have to run 100 miles or 150 miles in a month. If you want to run 1k, it is enough for us. Do not forget to submit your time and distance in our link; in this way, the results will be with other participants

Do I have to visit my doctor before the race to know my physical condition?

Yes, we suggest that you visit the doctor who must authorize that you are in a good condition to do this kind of physical activity. Runners2life and Runinspirations is not responsible for any accident or unexpected incident of health of a participant.

What Challenges must I know to participate?

We have the following challenges:

Duo: This challenge has an estimated cost of $29.99 or $34.99 according to the event and medals that you want to have.

Combo Pack: This package includes Medal and T-shirt, this promotional package has a cost of $39.99

Trio: This package includes 3 medals and its cost is $44.99. This package includes an extra medal, in other words, it would be 4 medals.


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