Black Friday Medals for Charity

by / Viernes, 27 Noviembre 2015 / Published in closed events


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Black Friday Medals for Charity is a Virtual Races

This Friday we will be giving a special discount on medals price form past events. These medals were from those virtual races that somehow you missed fo any circumstances.  The best for all this is that Runners2life will grant in donation the proceeds form medals to St Jude Children Research Hospital suffering from cancer.We celebrate the past thanskgiving day with a good noble deed and of course with you help!. We really expect form you a pleasant response with your donations. Remember “The Spirit of Giving” run for life..

How it works?

We have a limited batch of medals from past events and will give a good price for this opportunity. The offer will be from this day until the 30th of this month. It a virtual run, it means that you can  run it at your favorite spot : beach, park, athletic stadium, park, with a group of friends in another competition, anywhere you want and that you feel comfortable, according to your lifestyle this is in any city, state or region.

To submit your time:

Distances: Half Marathon/10k/5k/1k

Who: All people all ages.

Where :Any City Any state

When : 11/26/15 – 12/06/15

The medals that we offer are;

Race of love (February 2015) Easter Race( April 2015) Boston Strong(April 2015)

The Price for each medals is: $14.99 ( Option A)

You have more options  if you want give more donations:

Option B :2 medals for $25

Option C : 3 medals for $35

Otion D : Santa Christmas Race + Race of Love = $35.90

Option E : Happy Christmas Race + Race of Love = $35.90

Shipment will be scheduled for  December 1st thru postal service


Bib number of the run and special Bib number for black friday.

Please visit our important link for frecuently answers:

Run on this holiday season in a safe and secure way;

Questions :

to submit your time :