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Runners2life race director sponsors are not responsible for any accident
or injury occurring during, before, or after your virtual run.

These recommendations can be very useful to have a better performance.

Something important to remember is that patience is the number
one key in improvement of performance.

This virtual race can take place where ever you want to do your
competition. It can be in a park, a running track, around your town, a
forest, or in a gym.


Before and after running, do some basic stretches for at least 10
minutes. This is to prevent injuries, sprains or any muscle damage.


Warm up your body with a not very significant activity, Do it slowly
because this helps warm up the body faster.

Warming up is done by a slow step called “STEP of the TURTLE”. This
takes between 10-15 minutes.


You can run or test your speed 3 times 50 meters with pauses 1-2 minutes
rest (splits). This means, run 50 meters and then walk back again 50, run
again. You can use moderate speed.


The recommendation when the average long distance runs or never start
fast, that most people make that mistake, so just pass the first 5
minutes and no longer has lung capacity and aerobic for a good race.


Have to take your personal measurements, to go to the bathrooms before
running, avoid an accident that can cause an embarrassing moment.


Don’t eat heavy things for breakfast. Eat a light breakfast so your
stomach won’t have much food in it. Don’t upset the stomach.


Drink water. Have a bottle so it’s easier to bring with you.


Wear appropriate footwear for running or walking

Avoid hurting your foot by doing so.

Do not use shoes that are NOT meant for running.

About Weather Conditions or Climate in Parks and Forests:


If you are located in an area that weather climates are aggressive do
not feel obligated to run. If it snows, hails, or if there is a tornado,
Stay safe at home. Do not feel obligated to run, do it when you can and
when you want, remember your safety is first.

If you plan to run at night be alert, go with a partner and let someone know
where you are going to run.

When you are running in a remote location like a forest or park, make sure there is the presence of police or forest rangers. Before you go running to one of those places always comment to a friend or relative where you are going to run. If you can, please run or attend parks where there are many athletes or walkers.

Usually people run in the day in parks and forests, if it is close to
a park reserve, be sure not to run into wild areas inhabited by bears,
wolves, coyotes or other wild animals.

Carry your cell phone for any reason. Be sure to charge the battery

If you fall or an accident happens, call for help. If it is a serious situation, call
911 for emergency.

Do not run at night in forests. It is very dangerous because wild
animals roam at night and will attack.

Observe the signs of parks and forests and follow their rules.

Very important,

To us you are a winner inside and a runner outside.

We have come to life to fulfill our dreams

Besides love life, be happy that there is life, everything is possible.

Spend a pleasant time in this virtual run.


The Runners2life Team


What is a Virtual Race?


Virtual Racing is a free choice. This means that through this site you can choose a place of your preference. This can be at a park, beach, stadium, gym, in competitions, or near your town to do your race.


Who can participate?


Anyone can participate: women, men, children and disabled people.


Can I have a tax receipt?


I do not live in USA, can I participate?


I do not live in USA, can I participate?


Of course, just sign up.

If you have more questions, email us and will answer any questions you