About Us

monicaMonica E.

Co-founder of runners2life and RunInspirations. She has a degree in Business Administration and Management. She manages and supervises the working team and the websites and fan pages they work on. She organizes the in several locations in the US. Life-lover and mom of two: Brunella and Romina.



 aaronAaron Houston.
He graduated from Systems Engineering. He’s in charge of the internal aspects of the website and the organization of the Facebook pages Runners2life and RunInspirations. He also manages the website wordpress. In his free time he works as a fireman and rescue worker.


carmenCarmen Cecilia.

She is the General Management Assistant, she coordinates and organizes the campaigns and helps with Runners2life and RunInspirations organization. She loves dogs and she’s also into weight training, aerobics and zumba dancing.





danitzaDanitza U.

Lawyer, engineer, and web designer. She’s the webmaster’s assistant in charge of maintaining our webpage and creating special projects for Runners2life and RunInspirations. She’s an outstanding professional with a kind, friendly personality.




MaríaMaría A.

She’s in charge of maintaining the sales force in Runners2life and RunInspirations. She also runs the promotions ans special events in the websites and in different locations around the United States. She has a beautiful daughter and she’s into running, specially in 5k and 10k races.